Premier Commercial Properties and
Workforce Communities for the Permian Basin

About Us

About PetroPlex Properties LLC.

PetroPlex Properties, LLC. provides exceptional commercial properties and workforce communities for the West Texas Oil & Gas industry. Focused primarily in the Permian Basin region, our goal is to provide the best investment option for businesses looking for an on-site industrial location or to house their workforce for existing operations.

Workforce Communities

We provide a new experience in workforce communities Рhigh quality lodging with unmatched amenities and comfort. This translates to happy employees and reduced turnover in the field. We offer a full-service solution for your corporate communities needs that includes VIP communities, RV spaces, and multi-state booking services. Outlined in our signature Red Fences, our properties offer superior amenities and service above any other workforce communities option in the area with little to no additional cost impact. Why would you settle for less, when you can get more?

Commercial Properties

PetroPlex is a leader in West Texas commercial/industrial properties for businesses in the O&G and Energy industries. Our properties are located in the Permian Basin area; Midland, Odessa, Pecos, and Toyah. Our insight into industry specific needs and expertise in designing a workplace that meets these operational needs are what sets us apart from other property companies. We offer 2.5 to 20-acre sites, available for lease or purchase, with amenities like fiber optic data and phone lines, asphalt roads and 3 phase power. We also offer custom building services and plans to create the perfect industrial shop to meet your business needs.

PEtroPlex Properties LLC.


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